After reading the story “Superworm” the children went out to the garden to search for worms.

We practiced using our observational skills along with our previous knowledge of the environments worms and other creatures like to live in to find all sorts of wonderful creepy crawlies. We looked closely using magnifying glasses and bug viewers to collect worms, beetles, spiders and newts. We practiced using descriptive language talking about their similarities and differences, used mathematical skills to compare their size and after a discussion about different habitats; we decided that they would not like to live indoors, so we returned them back to garden.

The children decided we should make superworm a “house” we used google to find out about worms and what we would need to make a home for them. We used our new knowledge to build superworm a home layering sand and soil and keeping them in the dark. We are enjoying watching closely and feeding and watering them to keep them happy. We have noticed the tunnels they have made as they move around.

We have enjoyed all kinds of other activities; baking cheese worms, singing worm songs and moving like worms during PE, making worm pictures using paint, glue string and recycled materials.

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