Summer fun in 3-4’s

We have enjoyed having the Tee-pee at Smarties this week, it has prompted lots of discussions and activities about people from other places and different ways of life. We used the tepee to learn line dancing and used musical instruments from around the world, we have read stories from other cultures and acted them out noticing differences and similarities to the way we do things and sang songs.

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The Children have been enjoying watering and weeding the vegetable garden and have a picked some of the vegetables to eat. We have baked cakes with the courgette and tasted the peas, beans and broccoli.  We noticed some tiny yellow eggs on the back of our broccoli leaves and decided they were laid by a white butterfly that is often on the plant. We have looked at lifecycles of butterflies and frogs and have developed our understanding of how things change; the bean plants, butterflies, frogs and even transformers (as one of the children quite rightly pointed out!)

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We have been using the gardens for lots of activities now the weather has improved. We enjoyed exploring the garden as we went on a bear hunt. Most of the children remembered the story and we even managed to find a very friendly, cuddly bear!

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