Smartcare summer so far…..

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Week 2 Water Week Pirates

Fun in the sun

2Smartcare summer 2016 035    Smartcare summer 2016 019    Smartcare summer 2016 012   IMG_2914IMG_2920IMG_2923IMG_2924


Week 3 – Spy kids

IMG_3071 IMG_2982 IMG_2989 IMG_3004 IMG_3009 IMG_3018 IMG_3037


Week 4 – Olympics

IMG_3097  IMG_3111 IMG_3125 IMG_3195 IMG_3200 IMG_3213 IMG_3219

Week 5 – Water, Water Everywhere

IMG_3368 IMG_3252 IMG_3300 IMG_3307  IMG_3337 IMG_3338 IMG_3361

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