Robots, Gym, Walks and Forest School – busy times!

We have been so busy over the summer all of our fun ideas were taken from what the children had shown interest in and here are some of the follow up activities we have been doing

This was so exciting the children worked together as a team to build a really big robot. We discussed and chose materials that we wanted to use on him, this included; paints, tinfoil, collage and bottle tops (buttons). Some of the children did a science activity with Heather and connected up a circuit. The children linked the clips to the batteries to light the bulb up, this helped them to discover how power works and encouraged them to ask lots of questions. We also did some ‘robot dancing’ – the children used their large motor skills to keep their arms and legs stiff doing robot movements

We went on a walk one day and the children collected some blackberries. We came back, washed them and tasted them they were yummy. We wondered what we could do next , so we made some blackberry crumble! One of the children thought the blackberries were squashy so we explored what might happen if we squashed them, it produced a lovely colour blackberry juice so we did some painting.

On another day we went on a walk and Jack Frost had been. We noticed the lovely white glittery spider webs, the children were so excited that we spent a week learning about spiders! We made spider cakes, looked at how they spin their webs, made our own spider pictures, playdough spiders and we played some spider games at group time.

The children have been joining in with a new gym class, we have learnt so many new skills such as balancing, following instructions, jumping from the spring board and rolling, the children are enjoying learning to move in different ways

Forest school
The children have been going to forest school with John and Hannah and have been learning lots of new skills and how to be safe. We have been enjoying toasting marshmallows and  using tools and equipment to ‘peel’ the bark.

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