Practising our counting skills.

Counting skills

This week we have been looking at our counting and categorising skills as the children have taken an interest in collecting items of the same properties in different ways. We used our counting bears and our sorting shapes to do this. The children showed skills such as reciting numbers and putting them into groups of colours. Children also began to use mathematical language to talk about the size of their collections such as ‘too big’ ‘small’ and ‘need more’


The children took an interest in the small world pirate boat this week so we added some blue sand to the messy play area to represent the water. This encouraged the children to start talking about pirates and treasure. It was so popular we decided to make a pirate island! Children collected some logs grass and some palm trees for it on our walk and we also collected some pirates and scary sea creatures. We set it up in our tuff spot and the children loved it we sneaked in some gold treasure again this encouraged the children to categorise and count the coins a lot of the children were also sharing the coins. Lot of language was recording as the children engaged in the same theme as their friends. We decided to get the pirate island and love it to our sand tray

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