PHOTOGRAPHER – individual photos of your children, ready for Christmas.

Dear Parents,

It’s that time of year again when we do our nursery photos and this year we are using a new Photographer – Charlie Slinger. Charlie is not only a parent of one of our little ones, but she is also an excellent photographer and we’re keen to support one of our own.

We are asking parents to “OPT IN” if you wish your child to be included this year.

To “Opt in” we ask you to email Charlie direct – – by MONDAY 10th OCTOBER and let her know:

– Your name & your contact details

– Your child’s name (and names of any siblings)

– Which room your child is in

– Which days your child attends

This does not commit you to purchasing photos but just your wish that your child be photographed.

We have a set schedule for doing the photos , but we will try and accommodate everyone who wants a photo, even if your child isn’t in on the scheduled photo day.

Days will be:

– Tuesday 11th October from 9.30am – Lunch – MIDDLE NURSERY UPSTAIRS

– Wednesday 12th October from 9.30am – Lunch – BABY NURSERY and

– Tuesday 18th October from 9.30am – Lunch – MIDDLE NURSERY DOWNSTAIRS

– Wednesday 19th October from 9.30am – Lunch – PRE-SCHOOL

Siblings will be photographed together (if desired) and individually on the same day – that day being whichever comes first – for example, if you have one in babies and one in pre-school they will both be photographed on Wednesday 12th October.

This year the system will be different to previous years – it will all be done online. Once the photos have been taken and edited they will be put into individual private galleries online so that only you as a parent can view your child’s photos (this is why we need you to “Opt in” so that Charlie can be sure she has the right email for each parent).  You will then be sent an email which contains a password, this will give you access to your child’s photos.  Once you have seen and chosen your photos you can order and pay for them online and they will be posted directly to you. If you are thinking of Christmas presents then we do recommend that you order promptly as everyone gets busier towards the end of the year.

All galleries will be disabled from the middle of December and if you haven’t ordered your photos by then you will have to email Charlie directly who will arrange for you to view and order them as soon as she can. (Please be aware that Charlie will be on maternity from mid-December) and it will be unlikely that you will receive them in time for Christmas.

We have worked with Charlie previously on a different project and found her to be not only a great photographer but also very efficient and quick to respond – with this in mind we ask that any problems, questions or thoughts are directed straight to Charlie () who will be the best person to help you in regards to the photographs and any questions about your order.


It’s going to be a busy few weeks but it’s always a fun time doing the photos so we’re looking forward to it!

Please don’t forget to email Charlie asap to “Opt In” and she can get your child on the list for some lovely images.

Best Wishes


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