Parents Lending Library

Please remember that in our main entrance we have our very own Parents/Carers Lending Library.

We have put together boxes of books and resources that you as parents/carers can take home to use and share with your child.

The purpose of this library is to provide a range of different resources to support you during you childs differing stages of development or to help to tackle any transitions or experiences they may face.

We currently have 6 boxes:

           * Managing Feelings

           * Child Development

           * Communication and Language

           * Healthy Eating

           * New baby and

           * Toilet training

And are putting together a box on Sleeping and Dummies that will contain strategies and advice to encourage sleep patterns and how to remove those dummies!

If you would like to borrow one of our boxes to take home then please come and have a look, inform the office and sign your chosen box out in the book provided.

Please if you have time, any comments (written in the book provided), or pictures of your family using the resources would be a lovely way for us to assess the boxes and for the children to share with the nursery what they enjoyed the most.

Also we have such a wide variety of books and resources to hand in the nursery. If you have any ideas for additional boxes that you may find useful please do let us know.

Thank you very much and enjoy x


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