Painting to Music!

For a new activity, we chose to try ‘painting to music!’ We agreed that music is something that we all felt confident in as a large group session e.g. instruments, sticky kids or ‘Music Rebecca’ etc. but not so much in our ability to integrate music as an open ended activity during free play for example. We really liked the idea of children painting without the worry of creating something representational and just to paint how they feel and what they hear, creating their own impressions.

We took a small group to the tepee, a large space where children can fully express themselves and develop gross motor skills. The first picture below shows Sophie explaining to the children what we were going to be doing, encouraging children to ‘notice sound’ and tell us what they could hear. Answers included “the rain”, “footsteps” and “the wind.” 

The next picture shows children at the start of the activity, slightly unsure of what to do, all keeping to the outskirts of the paper.

Then after a little encouragement, one child moved to start painting in the middle of the paper; this child is one the quietest children in our group so we were all really impressed to see her confidence grow during this activity.

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