October News in Pre- School

Now that all of our new friends in Pre-School have settled in and become familiar with our routine and new environment, we have once again resumed our Jobs of feeding and taking care of our Chickens and pigs. The children love to collect the eggs each morning as they learn to count, to take turns and to care for animals.

img_0352      img_0683   img_0314

We are now practicing our phonics, we have learned all about letters and sounds for letters;  a, s and p. The children LOVE the Jolly Phonics songs which accompany each letter sound and can be heard singing them at various times throughout the day!

img_6227        img_6223

We have also started practicing our Yoga again in small groups. The children have been practicing chair pose, cobra pose, Butterfly, bridge and Downward Dog. We are developing strong upper body and core muscles as well as practicing listening and following instructions as we perform the poses.

img_0523  img_0534   img_0526  img_0521

The Children noticed more giant beans on our plant in the vegetable garden, so we harvested them and brought them inside for a closer look. We carefully used knives to cut them open and find the beans and then cooked them so we could taste them!

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