Messy Fun

Over the past few the weeks the babies have been experimenting and exploring in lots of different messy play and sensory activities. During body painting some of the children were unsure of the paint touching their body, so were offered paintbrushes to use where they then explored painting on their feet , with help from EYW they made footprints on the paper. With the colder weather coming up we will explore welly boot prints and look at the different marks we create.


We enjoyed getting messy doing free painting, the children were given free choice of lots of paint and paintbrushes. It was fun and we got really messy when we explored the paint on our hands.


Another day we explored flour play, the children ran their hands through the flour creating lots of different marks. The children were offered bowls and spoons to fill and empty the flour in to, we added tools to the activity to promote hand-eye co-ordination, this was also good for children who are learning to use a spoon to experiment with.

babies-5-10-16-033 babies-5-10-16-043

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