Messy fun in the baby unit

This week the children have loved getting very messy and creative making different marks in paint using paintbrushes and our hands. Lots of us felt the paint on our hands, (some on our face!!) and looked at the different marks this made on to the paper.  This activity developed our hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills along with the endless mark making skills. Come and look at our marking making board displayed in our room!

We have also had lots of sensory fun playing in the colourful shredded tissue paper. It was lots of fun scrunching and ripping it up and the ladies throwing it into the air! In another activity we have been using our touch and tasting senses when we played with ice cubes. When the ice cubes were melted we splashed our hands in the water.

Could parents please be reminded to label clothing and bottles, there is quite a few things in lost property if you have anything missing just ask a member of staff.

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