Lots to celebrate in the middle nursery

We have had a very fun filled week at nursery. We celebrated Pancake Day, Valentines Day and started our Chinese New Year celebrations too.

Tuesday was Pancake Day; we helped to make the batter for our pancakes in the morning. We needed flour, milk and eggs. We used the weighing scales and a whisk to mix all the ingredients together. We then put the batter in the fridge ready for our snack time later! In the meantime we made chefs hats and used our home corner to make our own ‘pancakes.’

In the afternoon we are able to try our pancakes and could choose lemon and sugar to put on top. We had a go at squeezing the juice out of the lemon. Laura saved a pancake and when it had cooled we had a go at tossing it high in the air!

 Wednesday was Valentines Day; we made some lovely pictures for our Mummy and Daddy, using our handprints and footprints. We baked heart biscuits, a big one and a small one. In the afternoon we helped to ice the biscuits, and maybe helped to lick the icing bowl too!! We also got VERY messy in red jelly play, exploring this with our hands and feet.

On Thursday we have begun our Chinese New Year celebrations. We had noodles to play with, using bowls, spoons, chopsticks and pans. We made a Chinese Dragon using collage pieces for the head and orange paint for the box. Come and look at him hanging up in our room. We tried some Chinese food too, noodles, sweet chilli sauce and prawn crackers. We found the noodles were very stringy! We will continue celebrating Chinese New Year too, making musical instruments, coloured rice play and making our own lanterns.

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