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Fun with Marigold

This week the older children continued with their interests and looked after the unicorn egg, they noticed that it was changing. On Friday the children were so excited as it had finally emerged and they proceeded to call it ‘Uni’!

Marigold and the other fairies had left the children some enchanted water and a biscuit to thank them for all of their kindness.

The children have also participated in some of Marigolds activities that she mentioned in her letters. They made paper aeroplanes and flew them in a number of challenges – which one could fly the furthest, through a hoop and through a spinning hoop.

The fairies shared the secret recipe of goblin mud that surprised us all by changing colours – from green to orange and then to pink! The children enjoyed grating the soap, ripping up toilet paper and then mixing and playing in the mud!

One morning the fairies had left some fun activities outside – playing the toadstool number race, tiptoeing through the spiders web, drawing rainbows or becoming the elf king or queen for the day. Great imagination ensued!!


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