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Balls, balls, balls!

We love balls at the moment! Throwing them, rolling them, kicking them and even painting with them!

Adding the balls to the painting activities helped us to get the children involved in mark making activities that they wouldn’t normally participate in. The idea of using the drain pipes came from our continuous provisions that we use in the room to help us plan activities. The children had loved them during the water play and so giving the children other ways to watch the balls move provided lots of fun! Lots of language was used during this activity including. Key words included: Ball, fast, roll, oh dear, more, again, and many more.

We extended the ball painting further and enjoyed it in the garden also! Take a look at our photos.

Again the children have watched some of the drive way work going on and we added the tuff spot to the area where they were able to watch and play at the same time using the construction vehicles. Some children added animals and naturally began to categorise. Well done!

We hope you enjoyed the Easter bank holiday and ate too much chocolate!

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