• Ofsted outstanding
  • Ofsted outstanding
  • Ofsted outstanding
Smartcare Testimonials
Smartcare Testimonials

Ofsted 2015

Parents comment that the care is fantastic with very friendly approachable and accommodating staff. Management and staff rigorously safeguard the welfare of the children in a welcoming setting

Smartcare Testimonials

I like finding new ideas for crafts from Smartcare.

Molly aged 8

I love Smartcare because there is a great play park

Nina aged 6

I meet lots of new friends at Smartcare

Emily 8

I like shooting the arrows with the archers and playing with my friends

Andrew aged 4

Smartcare is cool because the staff are fantastic

Sara aged 10

We like everything especially the dressing up, and going on the Wii and skipping

Mair and Lexi aged 5

Everytime I come there is something different to do. We have lots of laughs and the staff always join in. It’s great when we beat them at football

Joe aged 10

There is lots of stuff to do and you are never bored

Amy aged 11

I like coming because it’s fun and I ask my mum if I can come everyday

Will aged 5