Goodbye Music Meg :(


Music Meg has been with the nursery since 1995.  At aged 85 she is the most colourful, energetic, caring and thoughtful person you would ever wish to meet. She has attended the nursery 2/3 times a week to sing with us, entertaining not just the children but the staff too.

Meg is a self-taught piano player and can produce music for any theme the children may be interested in. Our favourite being when the giant is coming and Meg plays the deep notes as his footsteps – it never fails to make them scream in excitement.

She has 4 large shopping bags full of toys and props that she brings each time including her rubber ducks for ‘5 little ducks’, her cream cheese hat and ladle for ‘Aitken Drum’ and her Donald Duck that never fails to quieten a room of noisy children!

Meg has played the piano at every 3-4’s Christmas Concert (approx. 42 concerts in total), practicing the Christmas songs with the children for weeks before.

As you can see from the picture she has also never missed a staff Christmas party and is always the first up to dance dragging us all with her.

We are extremely sad and sorry to say goodbye to Meg who will be leaving us at the end September to move from her home in Bunbury, that she has shared with her husband Roger, to Brighton to be nearer to her daughter and family.

She loves the children and staff so much and will always have a special place in our hearts and the history of Smarties.

Meg’s CD is still available to purchase at the nursery if you want to carry on singing along to Meg in the car or at home. See one of the staff or the main office. £3 each all proceeds towards ‘Elsie Ever After’.

We wish her all the best for the future and as her closing song (from every session) states; ‘She’s got the whole world in her hands!!’ x



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