Such a fun filled week in the upstairs room middle nursery.

We have been very busy in 2-3 year room this week here are some of the activities that we have been enjoying:-

New Babies
There are lots of new baby brothers and sisters being born at the moment so with all the excitement we have been doing lots about new babies such as stories, bathing the babies and role play. One of the children brought in a scrap book about her new brother and told us all about him. We are going to   go to the baby room for a visit to have a look at what we can see!  We would love it if parents could send in some photos of the new babies for our display.

Pancake Day
We got so messy on play cake day the ladies set up a pancake interest table we had flour, milk cartons and egg cartons. We added pots, pans and pretend eggs! The children spent lots of time exploring. They used tools and equipment to fill and pour. Lots of new language was used as they talked about the ingredients and Mandy taught us a new pancake song. You can tell lots of the children help to make pancakes at home as they re-enacted what they have seen and suggested favourite fillings

Forest Garden
We went to the garden to act out the bear hunt as we travelled through the long grass the children decided to collect some and took it over to the mud kitchen. They worked together to add it to the bowls and we made some soup! This activity encouraged both the younger and older children to be engaged in the same theme.

St David’s Day
Painting has been very popular with the children so to celebrate St David’s day we painted some daffodils. At first we talked about the flower looking at the colours and long stem. Children interpreted the flower in so many different ways some children made marks up and down the page for the stem, while some painted big circles for the flowers


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