Forest School

Planting seeds

April 2019

The children have been really busy in the Forest Garden. We have been planting wild flower seeds and were worried that they might get trampled so, we created a very colourful, protective, pattern of ribbons over the top. The children selected colours, used the tools with care and were brilliant at following instructions & taking

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Jam, Worms, Pencils, Leaves and Pumpkins? – Only in the Forest Garden!

October 2018

October has seen us do lots of different things in the forest school; we have taken Autumn by storm. Blackberry Jam                 The children absolutely loved this activity. We took strolls down the lane to find lots and lots of blackberries.  We even got some from out of reach places!! The children all had a

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Autumn has arrived in our Forest Garden

September 2018

We have been easing ourselves back into our forest school routine. The children spent the first week using the saw and the drill to create their own necklaces, I wrote their names on them and the children decorated them. I will hang these on the tree for the children to look for each time they

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Treasure and new friends

July 2018

It has been a very hot week in Forest School, with this in mind we have only been spending the mornings outside. This week I have gotten the children involved with the planning of Forest School, I’ve had ideas like more singing, more fires and more den making. At one point the children were making

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