Forest School with John

For the past two weeks in the Forest School we have been learning some new skills with our forest school tools. The children have all had the opportunity to use the bow saw, axe and brace drill (all in a very safe and controlled environment, of course!)

Some of our new children to 3-4’s were talking about “The Gruffalo” on Monday morning,  so what better theme to have than one chosen by the children themselves. In small groups of 4 along with myself, the children have been sawing wood to build a log pile house for the Snake. They have been chopping twigs with our axe to make branches and a nest for the Owl and they have been drilling holes in ‘wood cookies’ to hang from the trees in ‘The Deep Dark Wood’.

All of the children who have chosen to come into the Forest School over the past two weeks have fully engaged themselves in both the activity and the storyline around it, as well as having a really good time learning some new skills. Some of our younger children have shown great technique for their age whilst using the tools and all of the children have fully respected the rules for safety around the wood shed. Well done everyone! Let’s see what we’ve got in store for the next few weeks!

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