Exploring Winter with 18mths

We have spent a lot of time exploring ‘Winter’ in different ways. We made our own winter farm tuff spot using, ice, cornflour, scented cotton wool and snow dough. The children enjoyed exploring the different textures and smells; as the ice melted and turned the cornflour into gloop this was something new to play with. We love looking at our animals, watching Iona feed them daily, as well as taking care of Thumper the rabbit. We have to make sure they stay warm during the winter.

We made some sparkly winter scene pictures. We looked at different images on the Ipad of snow, snowmen and ice. We used blue card and white paint and lots of different coloured glitter. We will put the glitter in the tuff spot with some natural resources to create a mark making activity.

We always enjoyed Drama with Sarah on a Monday morning. We have been feeding Ollie the Ostrich worms. Sarah brought us lots of babies this week and we rocked our baby gently singing ‘Miss Polly had a dolly.’

As we are now getting ready for Christmas, we have decorated our room with lots of baubles and tinsel, as well as a light up snowman. We have started making our Christmas surprises for the Mummy’s and Daddy’s. Glitter everywhere! We are looking forward to seeing the Reindeers next week and partying in our Christmas Jumpers.


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