Exploring Outdoors

This week has been fun and windy at Smarties, we suited up and went to explore the forest garden. We also go on a Wednesday now as well as Tuesday. We also started our Drama sessions on Monday morning and the children love it

Today we went to forest school with Lin and John. Whilst we were there we went on a bug hunt and we found a big worm and a little worm. The children began to use language of size such as big and small to talk about the worm, we held them and showed them to our friends. We collected leaves for our autumn collage, the children talked about their colours and counted them. We went to the mud pit to dig with the trowels and looked for more bugs; we found a centipede!

img_9924   img_0121

Another day at forest school with Mandy today. We went to our special shed to learn about using tools safely with John. We used a tool to help drill a hole into our wood cookie that we have hung up in the tool shed so we can see it when we play out. Then we got sooooo messy; we went to the mud pit to explore with the mud kitchen tools, the mud was very dry! One child said that we needed water so 2 boys pretended to be fire fighters and used the hose pipe to wet the mud – now we have puddles everywhere! The children used bowls and spoons, they mixed, filled and poured the mud. Some of the children found a roller and different sized paint brushes and began to paint the fence. The rest of the children went and joined them soon we had a very muddy fence! We are thinking of extending this by doing mark making with different brushes and materials such as paint and mud!


Some of the children in Mary’s group have been looking at action words this week as part of key person time. This involves using a set of different pictures of actions such as, ‘someone running’ or ‘someone jumping’, the staff ask the children ‘who is jumping?’ and they find the correct picture. This helps children with understanding language and promotes listening skills.


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