Exploring the Fairy Garden

What fun we have had at nursery this week. We have started making some of our Christmas surprises for our Mummy’s and Daddy’s, getting very messy in the paint!

We have been exploring the fairy garden too. We have a few new friends at nursery so we showed them where the animals lived; having a go at making the sounds and saying the names. It has been chilly this week so we made sure we have been wearing our hats, coats and gloves. We had fun rolling around in the leaves with our friends; the ladies were throwing them in the air. And playing peek a boo hiding behind the toad stools.

Our favourite story this week has been the Gruffalo, the children were finishing the sentences too! ‘Uh oh, oh no it’s a GRUFFALO!’ Maybe next week we can explore the forest garden looking for the animals from the story and making homes for them.

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