Exciting New Equipment


You may have noticed as you drive down our driveway a ‘small’ change to the scenery!
After last years kind donation of the teepee from Jamie and Samantha Merrick’s company ‘All about Me’, we decided to purchase our very own teepee to be used all year round as a shelter and a classroom. As you know, we are a nursery that likes to use the outdoors as much as viably possible, and the teepee will allow us to extend the activities we offer. It will be wired for lighting and a small camp fire can be lit in the middle – as you may have guessed we are very excited about it!

When the Teepee was being erected the children were really animated and couldn’t wait to show their parents in the evening. True to form and showing real imagination the children said “Come and see what we have got – the nursery has a space rocket!”

The army tent has moved to the back of the forest garden and will still be used during forest school activities.
We have bought an outdoor portable hand wash station and are looking to purchase a porta loo to extend the experience of being outside.


Interactive Giant Screen

We have purchased an interactive touch screen for the children to use, with specialised educational software related to the EYFS. It is an amazing resource for ‘School readiness’ and we are looking forward to the full training program we are about to receive. We have ensured it has secure access to the internet.
We also plan to use the screen on training days for staff and for parents evenings. It will also be great for watching the next World Cup!

Tilt & Touch Table

To increase the ICT for the younger children we have added a Tilt & Touch Table to 2-3’s, and the children have already started using it. It is used for individual group and whole class sessions, mirroring the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and covering creativity, numeracy, literacy, letter formation, music, art and much more. It is also a great tool for getting children to take turns, share and communicate. It never ceases to amaze us how quickly they grasp the concept of how the equipment and programmes work!


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