Dinosaurs and Drama in 18mths

We had a busy few weeks in 18 months. We love playing with the Dinosaurs; making them roar and reading stories about big and small, quiet and loud, long and short. We used the Dinosaurs to make footprints in the paint. We learnt that some have big feet and some have small feet. We made our own Dinosaur slime, using powder paint, soap flakes and water, mixing them all together. The dinosaurs were hiding underneath it, and stomping through it, we made such a mess.

We have fun when Sarah came in to do drama with us. We love Ollie Ostrich, who loves worms and tickling the children. Later that day we went searching for worms in the forest field. We found them hiding under the logs, we were being very quiet because the children thought they were sleeping. We used the parachute singing 4 little speckled frogs and using the parachute as the lily pad. We had a go at jumping like frogs too!

We are learning new Makaton signs too. We sang Old MacDonald had a farm, little peter rabbit and 4 little ducks. The photos show us using the signs during our song time, and these pictures are on the wall in our room too. We will keep practicing these signs and introduce new signs soon.

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