Celebrating Chinese New Year in 27mths room

This week we learnt about and participated in activities that included Chinese New Year

Making dragons and dancing with them
We watched some Chinese New Year party videos and listened to different sounds and watched the dragon dancing then we made our own dragons. We decorated them by making marks and sparkles, collage and Chinese writing. Once they were dry we danced to some fast music moving in different ways with our instruments

Filling and pouring
We included some rice in the messy tray with the Chinese tea set as an extension to the children’s interest in filling and pouring the day before with the sand. The children used the spoons to fill up the bowls this encouraged them to talk about different quantities such as ‘more’ and ‘too much’ some of the children extended their own play and collected items to extend their leaning such as the jugs and funnel. 

Year of the rooster
The animal that is celebrated year is the rooster! We talked about the rooster and we made our own to take home. We got very messy a lot of the children are getting very independent at selecting their own resources

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