A busy week upstairs in middle nursery.


The children went to the forest garden with Lin and John. We explored our surroundings and found some natural materials such as leaves and petals to decorate some sticky bracelets. One of the children found a jumpy frog under the log! So we practiced reciting numbers one to 5 and signing ‘5 little frogs’ we then read the Gruffalo story some of the children joined in reciting words and cut up wood for a log pile house talking about using tools safety and staying on our seats until it was our turn.

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CONKERS 28.9.16

This week we have started to explore the first signs of autumn and went on a walk to collect some leaves and pine cones. This morning one of the children and his mummy kindly brought some conkers and acorns that they had collected on a walk at home. He showed his friends at key person time and was so proud reflecting on his autumn walk. The children took turns to talk about the conker shell, words used to describe it were: spikey, like a monster, and one child said it was like the Gruffalo!

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PIRATES 28.9.16

The children have been interested in pretending to be pirates so this morning we went onto the pirate field and played on the ship. The children used physical skills to climb up the ladder, younger children needed a little help getting down. Some of the children did a writing activity drawing circles and lines for their maps. We then rolled them into telescopes so we could spy the treasure, aarghhh!!

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