Busy upstairs in middle nursery – May 2015

The children have really enjoyed playing in their new home corner imitating everyday actions and events from own family and cultural backgrounds such as; looking after the dollies, having tea parties and using the dust pan & brush

to clean up the crumbs afterwards. We love pretending to be like our mummy’s and daddy’s!!

In the cosy corner we have had fun reading our favourite books such as “We’re going on a bear hunt” and “The hairy toe”. We enjoy getting involved by repeating refrains and anticipating key events and phrases in the story books. With our friends and independently we learn how to handle the books with care, holding them the correct way and turning the pages one by one but if we don’t feel like reading we can curl up on one of the beanbags with one of our friend’s it’s very cosy.

We have been getting very messy this week we’ve been exploring different ways to create marks onto our paper by using different everyday object such as our hands, string, pasta and rice we have enjoyed exploring the different textures and mixing the colours. When the weather gets a bit nicer we will extend this activity and take it outside, collect some natural resources such as leaves, sticks, grass, flowers and mud to do printing with.

We had a very special visit from the owl sanctuary today. The children were all getting involved stroking the owls, being gentle and showing care. The keeper told lots of facts about the owls such as owls don’t sleep at night only in the day and that owls like to eat mice. We then went back to 2-3s and read “Owl Babies”, we then had small group time and spoke about all of the things we have observed and what we had learnt.

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