Busy Autumn with 3-4’s

We were very busy in 3-4’s this October. We started the month by exploring Autumn, we talked about the leaves starting to change colour on the trees, the conkers growing and falling off and we even went on a Autumnal walk to collect leaves and acorns to collage with.

Autumn gradually turned into talking about hibernation and all the different animals that hibernate through the cold weather. The children created their own snowy cave for the animals and also made hedgehogs out of clay. We used a fork in a creative way to make fur for a bear.

The children enjoyed listening to the story ‘Aliens love underpants’ this inspired a whole week based on space and aliens. We listened and drew to space music, created our own aliens and built rockets.

Diawli was exciting to explore the children made their own candles, dressed in Sarees and even did a Bollywood themed Disco Dough.

Finally we celebrated Halloween with a spooky messy week. We had slime, jelly and also pumpkin carving. The children came into nursery on Tuesday dressed up very spookily and we enjoyed a Halloween party. The children all looked great.

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