Autumn Fun in Pre-School

In Pre-School this week we have been building upon experiences children have enjoyed at home. At news time we are learning to take turns to talk and listen to each other and to ask relevant questions. We have heard about trips to the forest and to the farm to pick pumpkins.

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We have been on a lovely walk down the lane with bags to collect natural materials; leaves, conkers, acorns and some apples.  The children have enjoyed using their collected treasures in lots of activities. We have counted and sorted conkers, pumpkins and apples, used a variety of textures to stick, paint and create with leaves and mixed paints to create new colours for our paintings. We rolled, balanced, and experimented with the concept of floating and sinking using the apples and pumpkins and enjoyed cutting them open to discover what was inside.

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We also celebrated Diwali this week, reading  the story of Roma and Sita using puppets and making clay pots for their candles. The Children (and the staff too!) are thoroughly enjoying our new weekly drama sessions with Selena. They look forward to meeting her puppets and acting out stories and songs each week.

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