Another busy week upstairs – Happy Easter everyone x

We have had a busy week at Smarties here are some of the things that we have been doing:

Fruit printing
Since our tasty Tuesday with Beth we have been exploring fruit in lots of different way today we did some printing the children talked about the marks they were making and some of the children recognised shapes such as circle. Next time we are going to find lots of shapes to explore and print with.

Mr Crab
As part of our watchful week we had the opportunity to explore a crab, we looked and talked about his shell and Lin showed us his long legs and we counted them. We used gloves and took turns to hold the crab. Some of the children noticed his mouth and we talked about what he might like to eat. We extended this activity by putting the sea creatures in the water play.

Feely Friday
We had so much messy fun today we used gel beads, lentils, porridge and spaghetti. Children were encouraged to shut their eyes and guess what it was this encouraged the children to use lots of new language such as cold, slimy, squashy. They explored by squashing and scrunching the materials

Easter celebrations
We hope that you like the Easter chicks that we have made for you! We found that this was a good way to encourage the children to imitate drawing circles and lines also exploring colour and texture.

Some more of the Easter activities we explored are:-
We set up a sorting tray which included carrots, bunnies, and chicks this encouraged the children to categorise and sort into groups also reciting numbers

Easter egg hunt as part of forest school fun we went on a Easter egg hunt we had to search through the maze for our chick we then sat in our new den and had some yummy Easter treats

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