18mths playing with their new toys.

When we came back to Smarties after having a rest over Christmas, Father Christmas had left us some new trains and cars. We love our new Thomas trains, driving them on the train tracks “choo choo.” We used wooden blocks to make ramps for the trains, racing them down the ramps! We created an ‘edible’ train and digger’s tuff spot, using dry cereal and pasta shells; along with bricks to make ramps and bridges. The children loved filling the diggers up with the cereal to move it around, and eating it too! For another activity we used the trains and cars to make tracks on the windows, dipping them in different coloured paint and driving them up and down the window.

We have made our own music pallet for our outdoor area. We collected the pots and pans from around nursery, and the ladies (with a lot of help from Pete) attached them to the pallet, which is now secured to our fence outside. We went exploring the gardens looking for different sized sticks to use as drum sticks. Laura told the story of the three little pigs, using the puppets. We used the music pallet to knock of the door of the pigs; we were knocking really loud, trying different sized pans to see which was the loudest. We ran away as quick as we could from the wolf, hiding in the wendy house. We also won an in-house challenge between the units for being so creative and designing this music pallet, Annie awarded each of the 18mths staff with a prize. Yay us!!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar has been a favourite story over the last few weeks. We have read it many times, remembering all the different fruits from the story. We made a caterpillar pictures, using card tubes to print the circles for the body and the head. We counted how many circles we had made. We made some lime jelly and with this we added lots of different fruits for a messy play activity. This was a popular one…it tasted very nice!! And it was also very sticky. We are in the process of making a paper mache caterpillar, using 5 balloons which we will paint and hang from the shelf for us all to see. It’s a working progress and will hopefully be ready by the end of the week.

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