Middle Nursery – Goldilocks and the 3 bears

This week the children have been very interested in the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story book, so we thought it would be exciting if we made some bear porridge. We had three different sized bowls for the children to pick from, this encouraged them to use language of size and identify big and little objects, during this activity the children repeated a lot of familiar phrases from the three bear’s story such as “Too hot”, “Too cold” and “It’s just right”. Some of the children wanted to feed their delicious porridge to the bear puppets, imitating everyday actions they would blow on the spoon and say “It’s too hot”! We investigated the oats using all of our senses such as smell, touch and taste sharing our thoughts, experiences and feelings.

We’ve also used our senses in our messy play this week using lots of different textures and smells from scented paint, cloud paints to painting with pipe cleaners and feathers. The children have shown lots of control in handling mark making tools when making lots of circles and lines to create a lovely picture. They selected their own resources and experimented with lots of different colours and ways to mark make, some of the children preferred to use their hands to paint and some enjoyed finding different objects to create different types of marks. The children took turns and shared the resources well with their friends and made some fantastic art work to put on our displays.

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