Rain, rain go away!!

In true great British fashion we have had the weather from all seasons in one week!  We spotted a rainbow outside on Monday, we talked about the rain and the sunshine, pointing to the Rainbow and singing our favourite rhymes; rain rain go away, the sun has got his hat on and the colours of the Rainbow.

We made our own Rainbow oats. Laura dyed the oats Red, Yellow, Green and Orange. We left them on the windowsill to dry out. We were mixing the oats together using spoon, filling and emptying the jugs and squeezing it with our hands to make balls.

The children wore our all in one suits, looking for puddles and playing outside in the rain. We had to remember our hoods! We used the wendy house and tepee as a shelter, watching the rain pour down. We put the soft play in the tepee so some of us were climbing under, over and through the hole, and keeping nice and dry.

We made different types of ‘dough’ to play in; Cloud dough, playdough using baby lotion and scented playdough. This created lots of different textures for us to explore; we were poking, prodding, squeezing and cutting it using different tools.

We have some new sensory windows to play with; they are different shapes and sizes. We were playing peek a boo through the window as well as having a go at balancing them on top of each other.

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