Enjoying Rainy Days

We’ve had a rainy few days at nursery these last few weeks, so instead of sheltering indoors we decided to get suited up to go and explore in the rain! We went on a puddle walk around Smarties, looking for big puddles to splash in; what fun we had jumping up and down and running through them. We used powder paint in the puddles, scooping different colours out and mixing it with the rain water and puddles. We used paint brushes and our hands to mix the colours together. We decorated the fences too, painting them all different colours. We even had a go at face painting. We needed a bath when we had finished!!

We borrowed the bubble machine from the baby room and had fun dancing, jumping running through and trying to pop all the bubbles. We did some bubble painting too, the ladies blew bubbles in the paint and we popped them using the paper!

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