18mths busy both indoors and out

We have had a very busy few weeks, mostly enjoying the sunshine! We loved running through the sprinklers and splashing in the puddles, sometimes getting muddy like Peppa Pig. We went on to the Pirate Ship with the sprinkler and filled the paddling pool too, lots of space to run around and get very wet. We were using the jugs, buckets and water wheels in the paddling pool, filling them up and emptying them back out on to the grass. We watered our flowers too using watering cans.

It’s been a busy month for birthdays too, which means CAKE! We sang Happy Birthday to our friends who turned two. We enjoyed eating/wearing the cake!

We had fun in the forest garden, watching the animals closely. We saw the chickens sat in the long grass laying eggs, we gave the pigs a bath in the warm weather and we watched Iona feed the goats their tea. We hid inside the tent that the big boys and girls had made and played peek a boo. We love to play this is the maze too, running away from the ladies!! We found long sticks and used them as drum sticks, banging them on the toad stools. We also got very messy in the mud pit, digging for worms, splashing in the puddles and pushing the diggers through.

We used the puppets and read Goldilocks and the three bears. We talked about size using the different sized bowls and spoons. One chilld went to get the doll too and fed her some porridge. We made Flapjacks using porridge oats, sugar, golden syrup and butter. We used a big wooden spoon to mix it with, we helped pour in the mixture into a tray and squashed it down with smaller spoons. We baked it in the oven and took some home to share with our families.

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