Enjoying outdoors and the 3 little pigs

We have been busy having so much fun at Smarties and here are some of the activities we have enjoyed

Nature collage
Lots of the children have noticed our pretty flowers in the garden so we went on a nature walk to see what we could spot, we also used our listening ears to what we could hear, – we heard birds, the chickens and aeroplanes. Some of the children noticed changes in the environment such as our maze has grown lots of new leaves. Alys one of our new ladies upstairs collected some natural items with the children and we made some pretty collages with them.

Forest Garden
Our forest school day has now changed to Thursday to give all children a chance to access it. We made a fire and toasted some marshmallows the children were willing to try new tastes and also followed the safety instructions well.

3 little pigs
This story has been so popular with the younger children. They often request it at story time and have started to recite familiar words. We have gathered together some props for children to use as part of their play. From this the children have started to acting out the story and Mr Wolf is often found enjoying some nice lunch – we think the children are trying to fill him up! 

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