Healthy Body, Happy Me Week

This week we have been exploring using our senses on the NDNA ‘Healthy Body Happy Me week’. On Smelly Monday we dipped socks in different essences. We had fun sniffing the smelly socks!!! On Tasty Tuesday we made our own edible paint. We used a variety of fruits and mashed them up. We used a strawberry to print with and our fingers to paint with. On Watchful Wednesday we made telescopes and went out spying in the fairy garden and forest garden, we saw a pheasant in the garden eating the goats’ food. On Listening Thursday we made our own listening ears and went off exploring different parts of the nursery. We walked down to see the pigs, goats and chickens. We walked all the way up the drive to the big tree and listened very carefully for birds. We heard a fast car driving down the lane too. On Feely Friday we played in the big sand pit on the playground. We explored jelly play and ice play. What a busy week we have had.

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