Celebrating different events with the upstairs middle nursery

We have been so busy here are some of the fun activities that we have been involved in:

St Patrick’s Day
We explored using different resources to print with to make our lucky shamrocks we used shapes and peppers to decorate them children noticed and talked about the marks that they made

Mother’s day
We wanted to make something extra special so we did some planting each child took time using the tools and equipment and following instructions to plant their own sunflower seed each day we put them in the sunshine and the children were involved in watering them. We put our special handprints on and presented them to our mummies. We wonder who’s sunflower will grow the tallest!

Water play
The child have been very interested in making ramps for their play with cars recently so we provided the cascades for the roll the cars down and extended the activity to outside play. Today we used the cascade to pour water down, children worked as a team to used equipment to pour and fill up containers. Lots of mathematical language was used such ‘more’ and ‘enough’

NDNA Healthy Body, Happy Me – Sensory week
So far this week we have had Smelly Monday and Tasty Tuesday this has been so much fun. On Monday Katie put together lots of different smells such as coconut, strawberry and peppermint we took turns to smell and talk about each one. We used a lot of new language such as; ‘yummy’, ‘sweets’, ‘mmm I like that one’. We extended the activity by adding peppermint to the water the children noticed this and started to collect water in containers asking their friends to smell. On Tasty Tuesday Beth set up some yummy food such as; BBQ sauce, sour cream, chocolate and blueberries. Some of the children were unsure of some foods but were encouraged by their friends, some of the faces we pulled were very funny and the children shared their views on which one they liked or disliked we think chocolate was the favourite!!!

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