Busy Times in the upstairs nursery x

We have had a busy time upstairs with our friends here are some of the activities we have been doing:

Water play
This week we enjoyed having gel beads in the water. The children explored by collecting the beads and categorising them into different colours.The children used different tools to collect the beads such as the scoops and the jugs to fill and pour. Some of the children used their fine motor skills to pick up the beads and place them in a cylinder.
We extended this to rice play for a different texture for the children to explore. They again used a variety of tools and noticed the sound it makes when it fell some of the children said it sounded like rain.

Working together
Children have recently started to become more interested in the wooden blocks. We have been building houses for the 3 pigs and bears and a bridge for the goats! Playing with the blocks has encouraged the children to play alongside and also join in with one another.      


Spray painting
We have been introducing colour mixing to the children to explore in different way we used our spray bottles with different coloured paints in to spray it was a bit tricky but after a few attempts the children were able to use them. We then used paintbrushes to mix the colours in together children talked about the colours they had made


We have been making cards and baking some loveheart biscuits for some very special people! We talked about what ingredients we needed helped to measure the ingredients out we used the spoon to mix it all in together.


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