Exploring vehicles – Choo, Choo!!

We have spent a lot of time looking at different transport and vehicles and how they work. Our new friend loves to play with the trains. We have attached pens to the trains and cars and pushed them around on the big paper, saying “choo choo.” We have splashed in the water tray and played with the boats, watching them float on the water. The fish did not float; it sank to the bottom! We have been using the big cars and bikes outside, racing each other. We sat on the big wooden train singing ‘Down by the station early in the morning.’

img_2980img_2982 img_2931

We have been making a big sticky mess playing in the jelly. We used cake cases and made jelly cakes scooping up the jelly into the cases. Some of us couldn’t help having a little taste!
We explored soap flakes which was a big slimy mess; which we weren’t so keen on. And even put paint on the tables using our hands and fingers to make marks. One tinker was trying to get paint on my trousers! They have had lots of fun.


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