Busy January in the middle nursery

Forest School
Lin took a few of the children in to the forest school and we found some slimy newts! Some of the children had the confidence to hold one. We observed it and talked about its features. We then practiced making marks with the mud using different tools and equipment.


Number rhymes
The children have really enjoyed number songs especially if they involve using props. They have shown skills such as confidence in acting out the rhyme, reciting familiar songs and also reciting numbers. We extended their interest this week by adding the props to their play such as the ducks in the water play. Some of the children began to count the dots on the ducks to find out what number they were.


Tea Bag Painting
We have been exploring using different materials this week. We used some nice fragrant tea bags at first we opened them and talked about what they were, we explored by smelling them and then we dipped them in paint and explored the different marks that they made.

img_1457   img_1474

Matching Pairs
The children are starting to enjoy matching up pairs and finding the correct pictures, this also encourages the children to talk about what is happening in the picture and noticing differences and similarities


Porridge Play
Porridge was added to the messy tray with some different sized bowls and spoons. As the children were playing they started to talk about the 3 bears and using language to describe the bowls such as big and small. To extend the children’s learning we added in some 3 bear props which made the activity very popular maybe next week we will carry on with more 3 bear activities.


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