Frosty Fun in Pre- School

21-25 November

This week the children have been fascinated with the ice and frost. We went out to explore the gardens to see what we could find. One of the children wondered why it was still dark when they went outside in the morning? We discovered everything was frosty in the garden; the leaves, the fairy house and toadstools, Spider webs and even the grass. The children asked lots of questions about how the ice got there and after lots of discussion about Jack Frost, the cold air and water, we were able to understand how the ice was created!

  img_1166 img_1161img_1167

img_1177 img_1170 img_1186 

We found lots of ice in all sorts of interesting places, we took some of the ice back inside so we could experiment and find out what happened to it. We also created some beautiful icy paintings using wax and water colours and sprinkling salt on the top to create an icy effect.

img_1213   img_1190 

Later in the week, one of our friends brought in a story about Jack Frost to share with us. The children loved the story and it prompted lots of interesting activities; making snail glue, experimenting with ice, and messy spaghetti “worms” in the water tray! The children have also had lots of fun building with our new blocks on the playground. They have been busy working together and co operating to build submarines, sharks, cars, trains and all sorts of wonderful creations.

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