Dinosaurs, pumpkins, stickman and a new cafe!?!!

24/10/16 – 31/10/16

We had a very busy two weeks with the children exploring lots of new things:

Frozen Dinosaurs
The children have been selecting the dinosaurs as part of their small world play so we decided to extend their interest by freezing them in a dinosaur world. First we went out to find some natural items, the children noticed changes in the environment such as the leaves were now turning red and were crunchy. It also encouraged the children to re tell past events reflecting on walks they had had with their families. When we added the dinosaurs the children were so excited, lots of new words were used such as ‘cold’ and ‘slippery’. When it started to melt the children asked questions about what was happening to the ice and they even pretended they were ice lollies!

img_0611  img_0610

Stick man
Some of the children went to forest school today, as they were exploring some of the children begin to collect items and categorised the leaves and sticks. One of the children commented they had ‘stick man’ so we found somewhere cosy and read the story. The children recited familiar words then Lin helped the children to make a stickman that we are going to display on our forest school display.

img_0704  img_0720  img_0745

Our new café
When the children were playing outside they were using their imagination to make each other ice cream and cups of tea in the play house so to extend this we enhanced the area by making sure the children had some role play items such as tea sets and mixing bowls for them to explore with. This has made the area very popular and encouraged the children to engage in play together

img_0671  img_0667

Messy play
For Halloween we did some messy play. We helped Mandy mix some soap flakes and water to make some slime, it was so messy; we put in some spiders and bats! The children explored using tools to fill and pour, using new words to describe how it felt. We also talked about our pumpkin and where it came from, the children talked about all the fun they are having at home carving their pumpkins out.

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