Another busy week in the middle nursery


Today we used music Meg’s bag! The children were so excited and recognised it straight away. We sat in a small group and the children took it in turns to stand up and use the props; bob the builder and 5 speckled frogs. This encouraged the children to sing and use words from memory, they also requested their favourite songs. We recited numbers when doing the frog and ducks songs. We miss Meg a lot but so  are happy we still have her special bag.


We went to forest garden today to extended upon last week’s activity; we put up a large sheet of paper to record our marks. This encouraged the children to use different tools, some of the children selected rakes and sticks. You can see our photos on the forest school wall. One of the children decided to make some soup to warm us up, the main ingredients were mud, worms and grass – yummy! We finished our session with the very popular bear hunt story which of course the children can recite word for word.

img_0271  img_0258    img_0273


Today the children enjoyed using dough. They enhanced their learning by bringing over the cake tray and cake cases selecting resources independently. One of the boys told me he was making a worm cake as he rolled out lots of long shapes he was also able to count them for me.


The animals have been popular this week. We watched the goats travelling across their bridge from the forest school and watched Iona feeding the pigs some yummy lunch. This of course encouraged the children to talk about the 3 pig’s story and the billy goats gruff – we will have to find our story sacks so we can act them out with the children.

img_0356   img_0261


We have been using our physical skills a lot this week with drama, Diddi dance, travelling over the wooden blocks and soft play. The children learnt about balancing and holding out our arms to help us, also travelling over, under and through!


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